Malaika Reyes

Legal Assistant

Malaika is originally from The Bay Area, California.  She served in the Marine Corps with the military specialties of paralegal and court reporter at the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center at 29 Palms, California.  She brings her experience working with various military attorneys, extensive knowledge of the Uniform Code of Military Justice and military court proceedings to Foster & Rogers and our clients.

She was discharged honorably from the Marine Corps in 2020 and continued serving military members and their families as a property manager in military housing.  She held managerial and bookkeeping positions and managed more than 600 housing units within her district.  In July of 2021 she accepted a position with Foster & Rogers, LLC as a legal assistant.

Ms. Reyes received her Associate’s Degree in Psychology in 2021 from Barstow Community College, California graduating Magna Cum Laude.  She is currently working towards a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology with a minor in Justice from the University of Alaska.  She is a two-time graduate of the Naval Justice School in Newport, Rhode Island.  Her military decorations include the Navy-Marine Corp Achievement Medal.