Margaret Rogers

Partner & Founder

Ms. Rogers is a founding member of the firm.  She is originally from Baltimore, Maryland and moved to Fairbanks in 2001. Margaret graduated from Georgetown University in 1995 and Vermont Law School in 2001.  Margaret served as a judicial law clerk to the Honorable Richard D. Savell and the Honorable Mark I. Wood.  After her judicial clerkships ended, Margaret worked for a civil litigation firm and a domestic relations firm in Fairbanks.  In 2006, She began a solo practice focused on domestic relations and merged that practice with Ms. Foster to form Foster & Rogers, LLC, in 2007.  Margaret has practiced mainly domestic relations law since October of 2004.  In 2011, she received the Alaska Bar Association Pro Bono Services Practitioner of the Year Award.

In 2015, Margaret was named a Fellow in the American Association of Matrimonial Lawyers. She is one of three attorneys in Alaska with this honor.

Margaret is a member in good standing of the Alaska Bar Association, Maryland Bar Association, and Tanana Valley Bar Association.  She is licensed to practice law in Alaska and Maryland.  She is dedicated to providing experienced and empathetic counsel to her clients.

Margaret is a prior board member of the Fairbanks Amateur Hockey Association and the Fairbanks Drama Association.  In her free time, she enjoys camping, youth sports, travel and spending time with her family.

American Academy of Matrimonial LawyersPublished Alaska Appellate Decisions:

Christopher D. v. Krislyn D, 426 P.3d 1118 (Alaska 2018)

Judd v. Burns, 397 P.3d 331 (Alaska 2017)

Dodge v. Sturdevant, 335 P.3d 510 (Alaska 2014)

Sagers v. Sackinger, 318 P.3d 860 (Alaska 2014)

Hunter v. Conwell, 276 P.3d 413 (Alaska 2012)

William P. v. Taunya P., 258 P.3d 812 (Alaska 2011)

Hunter v. Conwell, 219 P.3d 191 (Alaska 2009)

McLane v. Paul, 189 P.3d 1089 (Alaska 2008)

Chesser v. Chesser-Witmer, 178 P.3d 1154 (Alaska 2008)

Pasley v. Pasley, 442 P. 3d 738 (Alaska 2019)