Family Law


Foster & Rogers’ family law attorneys are here to help you through the adoption process. If you have the will to bring a child into your loving home, we will provide the way. Our family law attorneys understand the intricacies of the adoption process. Adoptions often have an array of challenges ranging from the termination of parental rights to properly filing the Petition for Adoption, completing the “prove up”, and so on.

The ultimate goal is to showcase your suitability as a parent to convince the court to sign the Adoption Order. We have handle numerous adoptions, helping countless children enter loving homes as quickly as possible. If you live in or around Fairbanks, contact us today so your adoption can be processed in an efficient, accurate, and comprehensive manner.

Child Custody

Family law disputes over child custody have the potential to be emotionally-charged, dramatic and tense. We are sensitive to your position as well as your child’s condition during this difficult time. Our attorneys will develop the best possible legal strategy to help you obtain custody of your child. We understand your child’s live will be forever shaped by the result of this dispute. Our attorneys will do everything possible to prevent a lengthy legal battle from unfolding. Our team will ensure your case is presented in a completely fair and accurate manner. If you live in Alaska and have a child custody matter, ally with Foster & Rogers. This alliance will result in a parenting agreement that safeguards your rights and puts your child in the best possible position.

Child Support

If you are separated from your child’s mother or father and believe you are owed support, we can help. Our attorneys are also here to help those who do not owe child support but are being pressured by an ex-spouse or opposing counsel to provide support. Sit down with our attorneys and we will explain your rights in the context of child support. We are willing to take on your child support case regardless of its complexities.

Divorce and Dissolution

Divorce is a contentious matter that has the potential to upend your life. You need the assistance of a savvy legal professional to emerge from this conflict with your finances and well-being intact. Think of your divorce as a catalyst for change. Our attorneys will help you make this change happen. Let us explain the nuances of the divorce process to you in-depth, guide you through the process and ultimately emerge with your hard-earned assets intact. We intentionally limit our our caseload so we can reach an amicable conclusion to your separation. We invest the time, effort, and resources necessary to resolve your case without drama, delays, and financial losses. If you live in Alaska and are considering ending your marriage, contact our office. We will discuss the nuances of dissolution. This is a civil route to end a marriage. It results in an agreement in which you and your spouse control the conditions and terms that end your marriage.

Domestic Violence

If you are involved in any sort of domestic violence matter, is imperative that you ally with a legal professional. Whether you have been abused by a spouse, lover, or another party or if you have been wrongfully accused of such violence, an attorney will prove critical to your quest for justice. Our attorneys understand this is a delicate situation. We will handle your domestic violence matter in a careful and precise manner. We’ll help you pursue your desired result, whether it is a clearing of your name, punishing the violent party, establishing a restraining order, and/or securing compensation.

Same-Sex Couple Family Law

Same-sex couples have relationship conflicts and legal rights just like other couples. Whether you have raised a child with a significant other from birth or via adoption, our attorneys can help you reach your intended ends. Perhaps you are looking to obtain custody of such a child. Maybe you are looking to secure visitation rights with a child from a same-sex relationship. It is even possible that you are experiencing discrimination within the family court system. Foster & Rogers attorneys have a breadth of experience in same-sex couple family law matters. You can trust our legal professionals to zealously represent you every step of the way.

If things aren’t working out with your spouse, you have the option of legal separation rather than divorce. Legal separation can serve as a steppingstone to divorce or to a resolution that allows the relationship to remain intact. If you live in Alaska and are considering divorce, contact Foster & Rogers to schedule an appointment. We will go over the nuances of legal separation and divorce in-depth so you can obtain the best possible end result. Our legal team will listen closely to your concerns, answer your questions, and help you determine if legal separation is ideal for your unique situation. Legal separation just might prove to be the cheapest and fastest route to an amicable split.

Property Division

Division of property is usually one of the most contentious and complex issues in a legal separation or divorce. Let our attorneys fiercely advocate on your behalf so you emerge with as much of your property as possible. We know exactly how to make a convincing case in a court of law to prove a client’s property should remain his own. We have also enjoyed considerable success when it comes to making a convincing argument that a client is owed a portion of a spouse’s property and assets. If you live in Alaska and are concerned with property division challenges, contact Foster & Rogers. We will explain the details of this legal hurdle including community property, property division by the court, property subjected to division, community property debts, etc.

Custodial Parent Relocation

People move for all sorts of reasons, whether it is for employment, due to financial reasons or to enjoy a lifestyle alteration. Such a move is complicated when a child is involved. If the child has another parent with visitation or custody rights, the matter becomes even more challenging. If you live in or around Fairbanks, Alaska and have a custodial parent relocation challenge, ally with Foster & Rogers. We will explain child custody laws in layman’s terms, advocate on your behalf, and help you navigate this complicated legal maze. We understand that no two custodial parent relocation situations are the same. Our attorneys will study the intricacies of your unique arrangement and help you achieve your relocation goals.

Unwed Couples

Couples who have co-habitated but never tied the knot will inevitably encounter some of the same legal challenges faced by married couples that decide to divorce. Foster & Rogers is here to help those in committed intimate relationships, those domestic partnerships and those mired in paternity or parentage cases. It doesn’t matter if you are a same-sex couple, a traditional couple or an elderly couple. Our legal professionals will help you with whatever challenges you have, be it a dissolving of your domestic partnership, the division of property, or another matter.

Military Divorce/Custody

Foster & Rogers is proud to represent military personnel (and their dependents) across Alaska.  You can lean on our attorneys for sound legal advice and personalized service.  Our team has a full understanding (both personally and professionally) of military families’ unique concerns and issues, including housing, pension and retirement benefits, no-contact orders, and working with the FRG.

As the service member, we work closely with you to dissolve your marriage in a manner that protects your assets and ensures that the SSCRA is followed.  If you are a dependent spouse, we will ensure that your rights are preserved and that you and your children receive the benefits to which you are entitled.

Military Divorce/Custody

Prenuptial Agreements

If you are planning on getting married, you should consider a prenuptial agreement. This agreement protects your assets, business interests, and rights. It even protects the interests of your offspring to boot. Whether you are poised to get married or would like to uphold/challenge a prenuptial agreement during a divorce, we can help. If you live in Alaska, contact our office to schedule an appointment.

Grandparent Visitation

Grandparents should be able to enjoy court-approved visits with grandchildren. If any sort of impediment is in your way for such visits, we can help. Our attorneys can also assist in the defense against a petition for grandparent visitation.

Third Party Custody

In some situations, biological parents prove more harmful than beneficial to their offspring. Third-party custody is sometimes necessary to protect the children. Our attorneys are here to advance the interests of children victimized by unfit parents. Alternatively, if someone is attempting to obtain custody of your child and falsely accusing you of abuse, our attorneys will zealously advocate on your behalf.

Child in Need of Aid (CINA)

If there is an unjust attempt to prove your child is in need of aid, our attorneys can help. We can also assist those who are trying to prove a child is in need of aid due to abuse, neglect, or specific special needs. We’ll help with shelter care hearings, dispositions, adjudication matters, and beyond. We can help work with OCS to ensure your rights are preserved as you navigate the CINA system and necessary hearings and meetings that are scheduled in your case.