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Guardianships & Conservatorships

Foster & Rogers estate planning attorneys are here for your guardianship/conservatorship needs. Perhaps someone in your life is incapable of handling his finances due to a disability or general incompetence. Ally with our legal team and we will help your quest to appoint a conservator/guardian in a timely manner. This individual will safeguard the individual’s property and rights to lower the odds of abuse. We can also help those who are in control of their faculties combat an attempt to establish a guardianship.

Maybe you are an aunt, uncle, or grandparent who desires to obtain guardianship of a child due to the parents’ death. We can also help you become a guardian if the parents are abusive, incarcerated, addicted to drugs etc. If you live in or around Fairbanks, reach out to our office today. We will explain the probate court process that determines who becomes the guardian/conservator. This process is quite the complicated endeavor that requires the assistance of a skilled legal professional.

Other Legal Services


Everyone deserves a “bulletproof” will that ensures loved ones and others receive the inheritance they deserve. Sit down with our attorneys, explain exactly how you would like your assets to be divided upon death, and we will craft a will that holds up against all legal challenges. This is exactly what is necessary to safeguard your hard-earned savings, investments, and property. Our attorneys have a firm will carefully implement proven strategies to minimize tax exposure and boost the money remaining for benefactors. Alaskans are invited to contact our office today to schedule a consultation.